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U-flo Group LLC is a global water pumps manufacturing and marketing company registered in Washington, USA. Our manufacturing and partner facilities are located in Italy, Taiwan and China. Our primary products include Deep-well Pumps, Above-ground Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Pumping Systems.
They are widely used in construction, power plants, paper mills, steel plants, irrigations, construction trades, industrial applications, mining operations, municipal utilities as well as oil/gas fields.

Since the first U-FLO water pump was manufactured, our people have been making unremitting endeavor to improve design of the U-FLO water pump products. We apply the best industry practices and the best suitable materials for key components to the design and manufacturing of our pumps.
In addition to our state of art manufacturing facilities, we put a big effort on pump testing. Every product undergoes a rigorous testing and inspection process before being shipped to our customers. Our test facility incorporates a 12000 cubic meter (52,834 gallon) closed loop system with testing capacity of up to 600m3/h (2640GPM) with the maximum head of 200m (656ft), and 250 horsepower (dual voltages of 50Hz and 60Hz). Following a strict quality management system, all of our facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


Water is a vital part of our natural resources. While we always pursue the excellence of our products and services, we also take every step to promote environment-friendly and energy-saving solutions.
As a global pump manufacturer and supplier, U-FLO is committed to producing the finest water pumps in the world and continues to lead the way forward in the pumping industry.

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